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“Thank You for Saving Our Breastfeeding Journey”

“Wow, what a difference two weeks makes! Breastfeeding is now enjoyable and very minimal discomfort. Thank you for saving our breastfeeding journey. Not only with the procedure but all your advice, support and reassurance. It was greatly appreciated.”

“Friendly, Experienced Hands”

“As soon as my husband and I met Janet we felt relaxed and in friendly, experienced hands. Janet listened to our concerns regarding our daughters tongue tie, and my desire to breastfeed. The tongue tie procedure was carried out quickly and professionally with minimal distress to all. Within minutes my daughter had latched on and was breastfeeding – amazing! The procedure has had a huge impact on how I have been able to feed and bond with my daughter. Thank you so much Janet.”

“Encouraging and Incredibly Knowledgeable”

“Janet is kind, encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable. I felt listened to and supported at a time when I was struggling. Both at the consultations and afterwards, Janet gave me the advice and confidence I needed to persevere.After cutting her tongue tie, my little girl immediately started to gain weight and everything became easier. without Janet I may not have managed to continue breastfeeding. Amazing service. Can not recommend highly enough!”

“Helped Me Overcome the Issues”

“After struggling to establish breastfeeding and not being able to access the right support, Janet was recommended to us. She helped me overcome the issues we were facing and gave me confidence, as well as reassurance that we would get there. It took me around 6 weeks to feel fully comfortable feeding and without Janet’s help I’m not sure I would have been able to continue. Thank you from Thea & I for salvaging that special relationship.”

“Cannot Thank Janet Enough”

“I can't believe what a difference such a small cut has made. After being told by various healthcare professionals that Emily didn't have a tongue tie, despite a painful and noisy latch, our infant feeding team assessed her and suspected a posterior or submucosal tie. We contacted Janet who fit us in for a consultation the next day. She confirmed that Emily did have a tongue tie (as do I and my 3 year old son who refused to ever latch) and cut it with very little fuss. Janet also gave me some extremely helpful tips on alternate holds and positioning as well as advice on healing the nipple damage caused by the poor latch . Within 24hrs Emily went from refusing to latch and being extremely frustrated to feeding happily and painlessly. I cannot thank Janet enough for saving our breastfeeding journey! “

"Thank You"

"Max is feeding well, thank you. His weight gain has been great"


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