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Lactation Services

What Is a Lactation Consultant?

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is the professional level of qualification in breastfeeding assistance. They offer clinical experience to feeding mothers and their babies. They provide both antenatal and postnatal support to mums and babies if required. They will help make the feeding process less stressful by offering advice and support.

How Do I Support You?

Having a 1-2-1 during the antenatal period devising an individualised plan in partnership with a Lactation consultant will be of benefit, especially if:

You Have Had Breast Surgery

Your Previous Breastfeeding Experience Didn’t Go Quite to Plan and You Wish for a Personalised Plan to Help Improve Your Next Breastfeeding Journey

You Have Any Medical Conditions That May Hinder Getting off to a Good Start

You Have Family or Know Someone Who Struggled with Breastfeeding and Want to Try and Avoid a Similar Situation Occurring

You Have Read Articles That Concern You

After your baby is born you will receive a courtesy call to give you telephone support and a home visit can be arranged.

Postnatal Consultation

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! I can help you with a range of breastfeeding challenges, including:

Postnatal Consultation

  • Latching Difficulties

  • Sore Nipples

  • Low Milk Supply

  • Thrush and Mastitis

  • Recurring Engorgement or Oversupply

  • Expressing

  • Feeding Twins

  • Slow Weight Gain

  • Returning to Work

Tongue Tie

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the underlying problem may be the presence of a restrictive frenulum under your baby’s tongue. This is often referred to as a tongue tie.

During the consultation, I can perform an oral examination and assess the mobility/ restriction of your baby’s tongue. If the frenulum is restricting tongue mobility and contributing to your challenges I can perform a division. A full explanation of the procedure will be given to you and your partner, if present, prior to the division of the frenulum. After the procedure, further support will be given to you to optimise feeding.

You will receive a courtesy call within the week and support can be given over the phone or a second consultation arranged if required.

Want to Know More?

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